Whence Media Rostra?

Why the name, Media Rostra?

During the Roman republic, the rostra was constructed as a platform from which any citizen could address the forum. We use media here in a dual sense, the first connoting technology-enabled publication and the second, middleness or (at the risk of tautology) mediation. Media Rostra’s founders aim to articulate a series of ideas and arguments from this platform that will stand in stark contrast to the current shrill, banal, and bilious climate of American political culture. We intend, rather, to be incisive, logical, challenging, and graceful. The agenda here is neither partisan nor peacenik. We’ve lost our taste for both red and blue Kool-Aid.

We hope to provide rich analysis of American politics and culture for the alienated but resilient middle. We define that middle as those inside of the ideological fringes that dominate discourse and outside of the interest alliances that crank the gears of governance.

To be sure, Media Rostra will not be in the breaking news business, although we will carefully curate some high quality news and opinion for our readers, because we recognize that what we do and don’t report affects your ability to decide. The site will be concerned primarily with producing original content and honest analysis. As an opinion forge, we are not antiseptic advocates of agnosticism; we have strong opinions and established perspectives, but we’re comfortable disclosing our assumptions, admitting our fallibility, and opening ourselves up to earnest, dialogic critique.

— Ben Ponder, Editor-at-Large