It’s here.  It’s finally here!  No, I’m not talking about the RNC.  I’m talking about football.  Vanderbit vs. South Carolina officially begins the beauty contest that is the BCS in its current form.  Preseason rankings set the pecking order for the BCS from the start.  So, we’ve conducted an analysis of the preseason AP Top […]

How to Fix College Sports

There once was a time in America when an institution of higher learning chose to field extramural athletic teams with a single ambition: to further the institution’s educational mission. The now-arcane-sounding concept of the student-athlete—a pedagogical thesis rooted in the ancient ideal of the warrior-poet—was that physical competition sharpens a student’s mental faculties. Vestiges of […]

Grace for Winners

Winning covers a multitude of sins.  Illegal acts, unethical acts, immoral acts melt away in the presence of a healthy winning percentage.   Bill Belichick, the three-time Super bowl winning coach of the New England Patriots, repeatedly cheated by taping the practices of other teams against league rules.  After being expressly warned to stop this behavior, […]