Closing Statements: 25 Thoughts on What’s Wrong with American Politics

1) The Circle of Strife: Politicians raise money from rich people. Rich people gain speed dial access to politicians. Campaign war chests are used to purchase, produce, and run television ads. Media consultants, agencies, and stations are happy. Television ads cast doubt, twist facts, and manipulate impressionable middle-class viewers. American television audiences become American voters. […]

The Parallel Controversies of Trayvon Martin

The Trayvon Martin legal case may ultimately turn on a single piece of evidence: whether the scream heard prior to the fatal, fateful gunshot is the voice of Martin or of George Zimmerman. The Trayvon Martin public controversy is much more complex than the legal case. The dynamics of this specific controversy are instructive for […]

Ten Principles That Guide Media Rostra

In politics, as in life, the end never justifies the means. If a person is unable to praise the other side for something good that they accomplished, then the validity of his opinion is diminished.  It is a clear indication that he values his political party over our nation. It is never acceptable to demonize […]