Our Historical Moment

I spent five years studying the American Revolution. I read the founders’ letters and diaries and commonplace books. In a strange way–because I learned their secrets–I got to know them better than they knew each other. As it turns out, they were men and women just like we are. They had flaws and warts. They […]

We Were Number One

All right, my fellow flag-waving, red-blooded ’mericans! Say it with me now: “We’re number one! We’re number one!” Feels good, doesn’t it? But as I learned from my high school football career, saying you’re number one and being number one are two entirely different propositions. What is the United States of America number one in, […]

Integrating Personal Faith and Public Policy

Like many of you, I have long wrestled with the question of how to best integrate my personal faith with my stance on public policy. What follows is a sketch of my thinking on some aspects of this issue, presented in the form of a series of postulates and provisional conclusions. Postulate One: The separation […]