Sunday School Logic in American Politics

I recall sitting at a bierhaus in Germany in March of 2004 and trying to explain to a group of appalled German graduate students why George W. Bush would be re-elected later that year. At that time, many, many Europeans loathed Bush as a corncob-piped simpleton with a unilateral, shoot-first-aim-later foreign policy. These Germans were […]

A Morality Lesson From Richard Nixon

In April of 1961, John F. Kennedy gave the green light to “Operation Zapata” in an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro and his Communist regime in Cuba.  The plan was for 1,400 exiles from Cuba to be ferried by the CIA to the shores of the island under cover of darkness, establish a beachhead, and […]

Engagement and Exploitation of the Single Issue Voter

I was once a single-issue voter. In 2000, I voted for George W. Bush over Al Gore on the sole basis of Supreme Court nominations. The composition of the court was, at the time, the only electoral issue of relevance and resonance in my world. American politics was to me then a keeperless menagerie of […]