Elections and Loyalty to Jesus: A Refreshing & Thoughtful Perspective

Mark Schloneger recently penned a thoughtful & refreshing perspective related to the elections. The community that he is a leader of came together last night to declare their  allegiance and loyalty to a Monarch whose name was not pre-printed on any ballots.  The community that Schloneger is a leader of is a church and the […]

Closing Statements: 25 Thoughts on What’s Wrong with American Politics

1) The Circle of Strife: Politicians raise money from rich people. Rich people gain speed dial access to politicians. Campaign war chests are used to purchase, produce, and run television ads. Media consultants, agencies, and stations are happy. Television ads cast doubt, twist facts, and manipulate impressionable middle-class viewers. American television audiences become American voters. […]

Who Do We Get to Blame?

Let me first say that I completely understand why candidates tend to spend a lot more time blaming each other for our problems than offering ideas on how to fix them.  It doesn’t take Karl Rove or David Axelrod to understand what every four-year-old competing for his mother’s affection knows intuitively – it’s a heckuva […]

The Mormon Moment

With Mitt Romney winning primaries in Maryland, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C. last night, it appears that the former Governor of Massachusetts will be the Republican Nominee for President.  This is a historic event in America.  Mormons, who have been best known as clean-cut, handsome young men in white shirts and black ties knocking on doors […]

A Mormon, a Catholic, and a Newt Walk Into a Church …

So, a Mormon, a Catholic, and a Newt walk into a Church looking for votes.  The Mormon keeps the religious talk to a minimum because, well, a good number of the members of the Church think he is part of a cult – and a good rule of thumb for cult members in church is […]