Idolatry of the Family

Jesus didn’t die on a God-forsaken cross to preserve your horn-rimmed vision of 1950s Americana. He did not go through hell and back to secure the keys to an exclusive gated community. And he didn’t suffer lacerations so that your nuclear family could be photographed beside the tulips in matching shiny egg-white shoes. Jesus had […]

Stuck in the Mud: The Size of Government and the Scope of Civil Rights

Are you a proponent of Big Government or Small Government? The contemporary Big v. Small debate is often framed by arguments about deficit spending and the national debt. If you’re for Big Government, then you would like to distribute no-limit credit cards to every American like Santa tossing candy canes at the Christmas parade. If […]

Dissecting the Ethics of Slavery and Rights

If you’re in the mood to stir up controversy among your friends or coworkers, take an informal, two-question poll: first ask, “Is slavery wrong?” The unanimous answer you will receive is, “Of course!” Next, ask a follow up question, in your most earnest voice: “Why is it wrong?” Watch as your respondents hem and haw […]