The Pinnacle of Coaching

Coach of the Year honors is one of the most subjective awards given out in any of the major sports. While winning percentage (especially  in the playoffs) is the measure of a coach, it often doesn’t reflect how a coach was able to overcome injuries, poor management and personnel decisions, or a cheap owner.  Out of 30 […]

Fisher vs. Hunter: Who really has the players’ interests at heart?

I have always liked Derek Fisher, even when he played for the evil Lakers.  Now that he’s a Thunder, I can wholeheartedly root for him.  He’s an Arkansas boy.  Seems like a stand-up guy — at least there’s never been any scandal around him, on or off the court.  He seemed like the only grown-up […]

Long Elevates the University with Difficult Decision

Eric Adelson, of Yahoo Sports, does an excellent job praising Jeff Long and the University of Arkansas for making the difficult decision to fire Bobby Petrino.  He rightly points out that Long showed conviction where most AD’s have shown weakness in dealing with powerful football coaches.  As Adelson points out, “Long said no to his […]

Grace for Winners

Winning covers a multitude of sins.  Illegal acts, unethical acts, immoral acts melt away in the presence of a healthy winning percentage.   Bill Belichick, the three-time Super bowl winning coach of the New England Patriots, repeatedly cheated by taping the practices of other teams against league rules.  After being expressly warned to stop this behavior, […]

What Will Santorum Do with the Money in His War Chest?

Rick Santorum has suspended his bid for the presidency, but he leaves the campaign trail with a sizeable amount of money left in his war chest.  Estimates are that he will have a $1,200,000.00 surplus after all of his campaign debts are paid.  This article looks at what may become of the excess donations that people […]

The Masters: Purity Through Exclusion

The Masters, the first major golf championship of the year, is unique in its place and pedigree among the other major championships.  It is the youngest championship by almost two decades, has the smallest field by a large margin, and is the only Major Championship that is held at the same place every year.  In […]

Tim Tebow: An Elegy.

The Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning to be their Quarterback last week.  It signified the end of the Tim Tebow era in Denver.  As a football fan, I understand it.  But as a fan of sports, I hate it.  Here’s why. I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan since I was a chunky little sports-obsessed […]