The Slow Fade of Fall

A hot Arkansas August left us long ago for a wet November.  Burnt grass and shriveled streams turned to windy nights and flooding fields. For most, August was a time to stay indoors and away from it all.  For others, the first few weeks of August marked the start of something more communal: football.  Revered […]


It’s here.  It’s finally here!  No, I’m not talking about the RNC.  I’m talking about football.  Vanderbit vs. South Carolina officially begins the beauty contest that is the BCS in its current form.  Preseason rankings set the pecking order for the BCS from the start.  So, we’ve conducted an analysis of the preseason AP Top […]

How to Fix College Sports

There once was a time in America when an institution of higher learning chose to field extramural athletic teams with a single ambition: to further the institution’s educational mission. The now-arcane-sounding concept of the student-athlete—a pedagogical thesis rooted in the ancient ideal of the warrior-poet—was that physical competition sharpens a student’s mental faculties. Vestiges of […]

Guts and Glory: The Most Anticipated Events of the 2012 Summer Olympics

Summer has become synonymous with everything from lemonade stands and family vacations to romantic getaways and part-time jobs. Well, that’s for most people. For the sports lovers out there, this summer will mean so much more. Since 1896, the Summer Olympics has been the highlight of a season that’s often packed with an abundance of […]

Steve Nash: The Most Interesting Man in Free Agency

Steve Nash isn’t your typical NBA superstar. On the court, he uses his brains to make up for his lack of athleticism. In post game interviews he wears clothing that can be found at your local department store instead of the beloved oversized eyeglasses and expensive designer clothing that adorn so many of his peers. […]


With every loss in these playoffs, LeBron James inches closer to the worst fate that can befall an elite athlete – to be labeled “Loser.”  It’s rarely a fair label.  It’s rarely applied based on facts or stats or an honest evaluation of the circumstances.  It is, of course, based in part upon not winning […]

There is a New Sheriff in Clutchville

There is a new sheriff in Clutchville and his name is Kevin Durant.  If you don’t know him, I will tell you how to recognize him.  He will be the guy who, after he sticks a dagger in your heart and kills your team’s playoff hopes, will be sheepishly ambling over to the front row of […]