Why does Wall Street exist?

Love him or hate him, every once in a while Mark Cuban makes sense.  Here’s one of those times:  http://blogmaverick.com/2012/09/21/what-business-is-wall-street-in-3/ He makes the case that high volume traders are the equivalent of hackers searching for every exploitable weakness in a system.  It’s a far cry from the original intent of publicly traded stocks — provide […]

In 40 States, Your Vote Doesn’t Matter

Are you ready to rock the vote? Are you ready to exercise the fundamental right of electoral democracy? Are you ready to choose the next President of the United States? If you live in 10 of these United States, then congratulations! Your big day is coming on November 6! If you are not registered to […]

Privatization at the Republican National Convention

What could go wrong if the United States privatizes Medicare and Social Security? Just ask the delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa. After last night’s session (featuring Ann Romney pro-love and Chris Christie anti-love), many delegates attempted to take a 10-minute chartered bus ride back to their hotels. Two hours later, these huddled […]

Who’s More Christian, Romney or Obama?

Does the “(R)” following a politician’s name stand for “Righteous,” and the “(D)” stand for “Depraved”? The presidential election of 2012 presents a curious slant on that question. In one corner, we have an incumbent president, a devilish Democrat with a Muslim-sounding name who attended a Southside Chicago African-American church with a loose cannon preacher. […]

European Economy May Determine Presidential Election

It might have been one of the more disturbing quotables I’ve heard since I have been working in Brussels. “The election in the US will be decided downtown,” said a senior official, gesturing vaguely towards the European Commission, the executive of the European Union. “If they cannot make up their minds or solve this mess, then […]

The Chance of a Lifetime: The Transit of Venus and the American Revolution

Early this evening (Tuesday, June 5, 2012), the Transit of Venus will be observable to amateur and professional astronomers across the globe. The next opportunity to view this major astronomical event will be December 2117. In other words, this is your last shot to see it. Even if you’re not much of a stargazer, you […]

A Morality Lesson From Richard Nixon

In April of 1961, John F. Kennedy gave the green light to “Operation Zapata” in an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro and his Communist regime in Cuba.  The plan was for 1,400 exiles from Cuba to be ferried by the CIA to the shores of the island under cover of darkness, establish a beachhead, and […]