Throwing Jesus Off A Cliff

Early in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus gave a quick sermon to his hometown synagogue. By this time, word had already reached home that he had been teaching in synagogues around Galilee and performing many healings and miracles along the way.  I’m guessing — if his mother was anything like my mother — that his hometown was […]

Bob’s Going Away, a Reflection on Health and Values

Every afternoon Bob cleaned my office.  He cleaned with a smile.  He smiled when it was cold out; he smiled when it was hot.  Most of all he just smiled. There certainly is dignity in all human work.  It’s commonplace to ascribe and glorify a certain quiet dignity to manual labor, especially coming from today’s […]

Presidents Don’t Magically Create Jobs

Politicians love to talk about job creation. In the midst of a recession, politicians need to talk about job creation (preferably while wearing hardhats). Businessmen do not care about job creation. A savvy businessman does not go into business to create jobs, but rather to create wealth. In fact, a savvy businessman is dragged kicking-and-screaming […]

Idolatry of the Family

Jesus didn’t die on a God-forsaken cross to preserve your horn-rimmed vision of 1950s Americana. He did not go through hell and back to secure the keys to an exclusive gated community. And he didn’t suffer lacerations so that your nuclear family could be photographed beside the tulips in matching shiny egg-white shoes. Jesus had […]

Too Serious to Matter

Among the innumerable rituals of the residents of the Casa Verde, the house where I lived in college, was what we referred to as “Casa Talk,” a mixture of stream-of-consciousness banter with a series of gourmet desserts, or what we preferred to call “snax.” We debated the limits of the space-time continuum over Bananas Foster, […]

Ready, Aim, Carry: But Please, Don’t Show Your Gun at Church

Oklahoma residents who have a permit to carry a concealed weapon under the Oklahoma Self Defense Act will be able to bring their weapon out from beneath cover when the open carry law goes into effect on November 1. Senate Bill 1733 was authored by Sen. Anthony Sykes, R-Moore, and Governor Mary Fallin, was almost […]

Rolodex and Rolex

The following is the second in a series of essays on leadership. You can read the first installment in the series here. What I am working on here, with mixed results, is a theory of leadership. Unlike most popular works on leadership, I am not constructing a normative theory based upon anecdotal vignettes of businessmen […]