About Renaldo Smith, Contributor

Renaldo is a journalist who is passionate about journalism. Simple enough, right? He is currently a writer in Miami, FL and dedicates a great deal of his time to watching/playing sports and writing music. He received his Bachelor's in Journalism from Florida International University. He has written for the Miami Herald and a number of online publications. His journalistic interests range from immigration policy to race and religion in America to the smoothness, if not the accuracy, of Dwayne Wade's jump shot. Some people call his diversity of interests confusion, but we call it versatility.

Guts and Glory: The Most Anticipated Events of the 2012 Summer Olympics

Summer has become synonymous with everything from lemonade stands and family vacations to romantic getaways and part-time jobs. Well, that’s for most people. For the sports lovers out there, this summer will mean so much more. Since 1896, the Summer Olympics has been the highlight of a season that’s often packed with an abundance of […]

Steve Nash: The Most Interesting Man in Free Agency

Steve Nash isn’t your typical NBA superstar. On the court, he uses his brains to make up for his lack of athleticism. In post game interviews he wears clothing that can be found at your local department store instead of the beloved oversized eyeglasses and expensive designer clothing that adorn so many of his peers. […]