About Harold Simmons, Senior Associate Editor

Harold Simmons is Senior Associate Editor at Media Rostra.

Harold graduated from the University of Arkansas with a B.A. in Communication. While at the University of Arkansas he pursued playing professional basketball, but unsuccessfully sought to pattern his basketball game after Nick Van Exel. Harold lost his eligibility as an amateur athlete when he won the three point shooting contest at a Midnight Madness Event for the Razorbacks and in a Bobby Fischer type move, promptly walked away from a potential NBA career--although he is considering declaring for the 2013 draft. As his life journey has unfolded he has picked up a couple of graduate degrees in Theology & Organizational Leadership . He currently serves as the Global Director of Strategy for a manufacturing company where he combines his interests in technology and environmental sustainability.

Elections and Loyalty to Jesus: A Refreshing & Thoughtful Perspective

Mark Schloneger recently penned a thoughtful & refreshing perspective related to the elections. The community that he is a leader of came together last night to declare their  allegiance and loyalty to a Monarch whose name was not pre-printed on any ballots.  The community that Schloneger is a leader of is a church and the […]

Tests of Orthodoxy: Deity of Christ, the Trinity, & Republicanism?

In the first few centuries of the development of Christianity, a person’s view on the deity of Christ and their understanding of the Trinity were used to determine whether or not that individual was an orthodox believer or if they were a heretic.  As the centuries have gone on there have been additional doctrines that […]