About Finley Vinson, Contributor

Finley Vinson is a husband, father, traffic engineer, and die hard documentary film buff. He’s also a bit of a conspiracy theorist. He enjoys history, mountain biking, eggnog, and comedies his wife calls “movies about nothing”. His achievements include an undergraduate degree from Hendrix College, a graduate degree from the University of Arkansas, and personally meeting every princess at disney world. He is passionate about underprivileged children, social injustice, keeping the floor dry during bath time, and Monsanto.

Cool It

In 2006 Al Gore received international acclaim and a Nobel Peace Prize for his PowerPoint presentation turned documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.  The film was a gripping, entertaining, and compelling explanation of the causes and consequences of global warming.  It grossed $49 million and won an Oscar for Best Documentary.  For many of us, it was […]

We Clearly Do Not Understand the Value of a Penny

Last month Canada voted to stop minting and circulating pennies as a cost saving measure.  If you’re thinking this isn’t very newsworthy, I don’t blame you.  My initial attitude towards ending penny circulation was relatively apathetic.  I saw no great alarm or harm in depriving Canadians of their smallest currency.  But this act has rekindled […]