Corn ethanol back in the news

Every time the price of gasoline gets up around $4/gallon, the press heads for the Midwest and starts taking pictures of corn fields and grain elevators.  Forbes gives us an update on the status of ethanol production: No surprises here.  During the last bout of high gas prices under the Bush administration, a program was started […]

Mitt’s Inability to Connect

While reading another article about Romney’s plastic personality (, I was struck by some of the stories that Romney could tell that would make him seem more human.  Why doesn’t he talk about the actual process of saving the Olympics, or about his family, the courtship of his wife, and how he stuck by her […]

National Debt and Party Taboos

This article ( outlines once again the political roadblocks on the road to fiscal sanity.  Democrats deny the reality that the future growth of our social programs and the size of our bureaucracy are unsustainable.  Republicans refuse to raise taxes a dime on anyone, while military spending remains sacrosanct.  I realize that Republicans want to “starve the beast” […]

Balancing Energy Needs with our Need to Breathe

To rightly appreciate the EPA (and similar agencies like it in other Western countries), you need to travel to eastern Europe and see the environmental damage industry can do if left completely unregulated.  I enjoy my non-toxic air, clean drinking water, and abundance of wildlife.  However, a recent EPA ruling ( is illustrative of the […]