This Cannot Be What Jesus Wants

Last week, Sean Harris, the Senior Pastor of the Berean Baptist church in Fayetteville, North Carolina – an evangelical church that had never experienced much controversy in the past – preached some disturbing words from the pulpit to all of the parents in his congregation.  During his sermon in support of a constitutional amendment that […]

Neglected and Unwanted Children: A Problem We Can Solve

In America today we can solve the problem of abused and neglected children who need a loving home — I am convinced that the numbers are not greater than the compassion of the people who can be mobilized to solve this crisis.  In 2010, there were 408,000 children in the health and human services system. […]

Forgive Us Our Debts

In 1831, New York abolished the debtor’s prison system and the rest of America soon followed.  No longer would people be able to be jailed for not being able to pay their debts.  No longer would “being poor” or owing money be a crime for which Americans could lose their freedom.  We simply valued freedom […]

Prominent Republicans Reject VP Overtures

CNN International has an interesting piece on the number of republicans publicly distancing themselves from a Romney ticket.   This strikes me as particularly interesting given that Romney is in a dead-heat with Obama right now in most of the national polls.  The Republicans certainly feel that this election can be won, yet many of […]

The Justification of John Edwards

Yesterday, in a sleepy little courthouse in Greensboro, North Carolina, the most prominent American politician to face criminal charges since Richard Nixon went to trial.  John Edwards, 2004 Democratic nominee for Vice-President, stands accused of allegedly funneling almost a million dollars to his mistress to conceal their affair and her pregnancy during the 2008 Democratic […]

Mitt Romney as Al Gore: Embracing His Inner Robot

The comparisons between Al Gore and Mitt Romney are obvious — both are rich, stuffy, smart, privileged, very white men.  They both make Wonder bread seem like a spicy food.   This, however, may not be a bad thing — there has to be a reason that Wonder bread is the number one selling bread in America.  This excellent article in […]

Who Do We Get to Blame?

Let me first say that I completely understand why candidates tend to spend a lot more time blaming each other for our problems than offering ideas on how to fix them.  It doesn’t take Karl Rove or David Axelrod to understand what every four-year-old competing for his mother’s affection knows intuitively – it’s a heckuva […]