About Daniel Green, Contributor

Daniel Green is a contributor to Media Rostra and Managing Editor of Arkansas:Abroad (http://www.arkansasabroad.org/). He received a BA in History from the University of Central Arkansas and is currently pursuing a MA in International Studies at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. He spends way too much time working in a variety of organizations in Denver, giving him that salt-and-pepper look his girlfriend loves. He will be spending his summer working at NATO.

European Economy May Determine Presidential Election

It might have been one of the more disturbing quotables I’ve heard since I have been working in Brussels. “The election in the US will be decided downtown,” said a senior official, gesturing vaguely towards the European Commission, the executive of the European Union. “If they cannot make up their minds or solve this mess, then […]

The Cradle of Democracy Births Some Fascists

There is a chance that by the end of this year, every major player on the world stage will have a new leader or leader-elect. Aside from the US elections, France just ousted Sarkozy, Israel has called for election, Britain recently held municipal elections, there are rumblings of an imminent leadership change in China, Kim […]

Water Wars

A human being can live without food for up to a month, but a few days without water spells certain doom for an individual. The same goes for nations. Without secure, clean, safe supplies of freshwater, entire nations can die off. As populations explode the world over, demand grows for an ever-scarce commodity. There are […]