About Chris Burks, Contributor

Chris is an Arkansas attorney and writer. He graduated from Davidson College and the University of Arkansas School of Law. He writes a bi-monthly politics column for The Log Cabin Democrat newspaper in Conway Arkansas, and practices primarily in the areas of property and family law in Central and South Arkansas. His all-time favorite basketball player is "The Floor General'" Corey Beck -- the starting point guard on the Razorbacks 1994 NCAA Championship Team -- someone whose story perfectly encapsulates both the triumphs and madness of our sports, culture, and time.

The Slow Fade of Fall

A hot Arkansas August left us long ago for a wet November.  Burnt grass and shriveled streams turned to windy nights and flooding fields. For most, August was a time to stay indoors and away from it all.  For others, the first few weeks of August marked the start of something more communal: football.  Revered […]

Bob’s Going Away, a Reflection on Health and Values

Every afternoon Bob cleaned my office.  He cleaned with a smile.  He smiled when it was cold out; he smiled when it was hot.  Most of all he just smiled. There certainly is dignity in all human work.  It’s commonplace to ascribe and glorify a certain quiet dignity to manual labor, especially coming from today’s […]

Is America Ready for Vertical Politics?

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee often harps upon a “vertical politics” of raising people up instead of pitting left against right.  What does he mean by this “vertical politics?”  And how do we engage in it? Well, let’s suggest one very good place to start: our common creeds. Senior Associate Editor, Harold Simmons’ recent article […]