Ave Atque Vale (Hail and Farewell)


Dear Media Rostra Community,

Thank you for reading, sharing, and discussing the essays published here on Media Rostra. The site went inactive following the 2012 election, but please feel free to browse the archives, since much of the content here is “evergreen” and remains relevant to American political culture today.

At Media Rostra, our aim was always “to provide rich analysis of American politics and culture for the alienated but resilient middle… [for] those inside of the ideological fringes that dominate discourse and outside of the interest alliances that crank the gears of governance.” Put differently, we continue to believe that there is room for civility and reason in our national discourse.

In some small way, we hope this site has proved useful to you as you grapple with the ideological stalemates and entrenched biases that continue to hamstring American politics.

We encourage you to continue reading the work of our editors and regular contributors:

Ben Ponder blogs at muxponder.benponder.com

Lisa Tresch blogs at onegoodstory.me

Renaldo Smith blogs at renaldosmith.com


The Media Rostra Editorial Team