Republican Turncoat?

There’s been a lot of chatter in the insane right-wing media about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie making a few statements praising the Obama administration’s quick response to devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy.  Some Republicans are calling him a traitor:

What would it take for the Limbaugh/Hannity part of the right-wing reactionary media to say just one complimentary thing about a Democrat?  How does saying someone is doing their job make you a traitor?  Does saying that I like French fries or Spanish cheeses make me un-American?  Following the insane right-wing media’s logic, that’s the only conclusion.

Governor Christie isn’t saying he agrees with Obama’s policies, or that Obama would make a better president than Mitt Romney.  All he has said is that the President has done a good job managing the response to this disaster, and apparently the people of New Jersey are important to the Governor — more important than the election.  The ability to recognize when the other party is serving the public good is a rare quality in politics these days.  The fact that Governor Christie can even bring himself to say that gives me hope for him as a future presidential candidate.

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