Frontline Documentary: The Choice 2012

I know liberals will think they didn’t make this hard enough on Romney. Conservatives don’t trust anything on PBS other than “Antiques Roadshow.”  But I found Frontline’s “The Choice 2012” to be truly “fair and balanced.”  Like most Frontline documentaries, it was very well done, and they got interviews with key insiders. I learned a lot about both Obama and Romney — not necessarily as candidates, but as men.  For example, I knew Mitt was Mormon, but I did not realize the extent to which he was a leader in the LDS.  Also, I didn’t realize the amount of racism that Obama faced…from blacks.  The contrast in their stories could not be more stark, yet I actually respect each man more after watching this.  If you are among the 6% of us still weighing the choice between presidential contenders, I highly recommend watching this documentary.  (Great job PBS, but you had better start kissing up to Romney more — or you might end up out of job.)

You can find your local listings for The Choice 2012 page at the Frontline website:


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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment.