Same Sex Marriage Battle Lines Brightly Drawn

Unfortunately, it seems that the battle lines on the same-sex marriage are going to be even more brightly drawn between democrats and republicans now that Romney reinforced his opposition to same-sex marriage on the same day that Obama publicly endorsed it for the first time as President.  The issue will serve as some sort of cultural rallying cry for both sides — and caught in the middle will be the small minority of people who want to get married.  I hope that people from both sides will be civil and gracious as this issue continues to be a flash-point of cultural division in our country.


About David Davies, Editor-in-Chief

David Davies is the Editor-in-Chief of Media Rostra. He is also a lawyer and a licensed minister, so he is basically distrusted by everyone on some level. He received his Political Science degree from the University of Tulsa and his Juris Doctor from the University of Arkansas. He is a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Arkansas, a former "good athlete for his size," and current owner of The Law Offices of David Davies, PLLC -- an Estate Planning and Elder Law firm that has offices in Arkansas and Tennessee. He co-authored, with fellow editor, Aaron Brooks, the article entitled: “Exploring Student-Athlete Compensation: Why the NCAA Cannot Afford to Leave Athletes Uncompensated," in the University of Notre Dame’s Journal of College and University Law.