Long Elevates the University with Difficult Decision

Eric Adelson, of Yahoo Sports, does an excellent job praising Jeff Long and the University of Arkansas for making the difficult decision to fire Bobby Petrino.  He rightly points out that Long showed conviction where most AD’s have shown weakness in dealing with powerful football coaches.  As Adelson points out, “Long said no to his coach and said yes to his university. Sadly, it’s hard to think of another example of that recently.”

Right now, most of Arkansas has rallied behind its AD and appreciates the character that he has displayed.  But as a good friend of mind pointed out today, “this isn’t over until Long makes a good hire.  Everyone is proud of him right now — and rightly so — but the bottom line is still the bottom line.  The sad truth is that you can only exercise ethics if you win.”

I hope that those fans who are supporting Long now will continue to support him even if the football team fails to live up to expectations next year.  Long passed his test of character with high marks.  As fans, our test will be next fall.


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