The Mormon Moment

With Mitt Romney winning primaries in Maryland, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C. last night, it appears that the former Governor of Massachusetts will be the Republican Nominee for President.  This is a historic event in America.  Mormons, who have been best known as clean-cut, handsome young men in white shirts and black ties knocking on doors talking about their faith, are experiencing a clear rise in their national profile because of Mr. Romney.  The scrutiny and attention given to this growing religion will be a significant subplot to watch over the next seven months of campaigning.  What they believe, how they view themselves, how they are viewed by others — all of these things will now become a part of the daily news cycle.  Interestingly, for a religion that is best known for its commitment to sharing its faith, Mitt Romney is very reticent to discuss his faith publicly.  He references how it has shaped him, but does not delve into what he believes.  It will be fascinating to see if this trend continues or if he will be forced by public opinion to speak more openly about his faith.   The Pew Forum, an excellent source of public opinion data regarding a wide variety of religious and political issues, has released a detailed report of Mormonism in America.  View it here:

Some highlights of the poll include:  62% of Americans know “not much or nothing” about Mormonism, only 51% of Americans believe that Mormonism is a Christian Religion, and 66% of Mormons identify themselves as Conservative.  How these numbers change and shift throughout Romney’s Candidacy will be worth tracking.

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David Davies is the Editor-in-Chief of Media Rostra. He is also a lawyer and a licensed minister, so he is basically distrusted by everyone on some level. He received his Political Science degree from the University of Tulsa and his Juris Doctor from the University of Arkansas. He is a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Arkansas, a former "good athlete for his size," and current owner of The Law Offices of David Davies, PLLC -- an Estate Planning and Elder Law firm that has offices in Arkansas and Tennessee. He co-authored, with fellow editor, Aaron Brooks, the article entitled: “Exploring Student-Athlete Compensation: Why the NCAA Cannot Afford to Leave Athletes Uncompensated," in the University of Notre Dame’s Journal of College and University Law.


  1. Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I welcome the questions and scrutiny.  I know some don’t, but I say bring it on.  I have nothing to hide and am happy to answer honest questions.

  2. david daviesNo Gravatar says:

    Rashella, thanks for your comment.  I really believe that Romney’s faith will be a major storyline throughout this election cycle.  I think that it is going to give you and other mormons plenty of opportunities to discuss your faith and explain it to the uninformed.  I totally agree with your response and I hope that people of all faiths would embrace the opportunity as you have!  I hope you come back often and interact with us on this and other topics. 

  3. Rashella, what are the LDS’ beliefs regarding Native Americans?

  4. When I read the line ” Mormons, who have been best known as clean-cut, handsome young men in
    white shirts and black ties knocking on doors talking about their faith” I thought to myself- don’t you mean best known for the reality show Sister Wives on TLC and for the controversy surrounding Matt Stone and Trey Parker? I’m joking, of course, but I bet if you asked 100 people between the ages of 12 and 25, 75% of them would say exactly that.